Dwarf Fortress uses tilesets to draw the game, including maps. This map legend explains what the characters and colors represent in the pre-start embark (or adventure) map.

Tile colors

The colors of a map tile may give information about that region's predominant biome and surroundings; its temperature, alignment, and other handy things. Generally, cyan and blue means the area is "good" aligned. Purple, gray, brown, and red areas have "evil" alignment. Light grey, brown, and yellow areas usually are dry and have sparse vegetation. Green tiles have vegetation and are usually moist. White and cyan tiles indicate snow or ice. The color of trees that change season to season can tell about a tree's current growth.

Biome/Region key

Tiles are listed by alignment, with normal tiles first, then good-aligned tiles, and then evil tiles. Snow and ice-covered tiles are included next to their respective alignments.


In normal forests, the color changes with the seasons.